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June 07 2012


May 10 2012


May 08 2012

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May 07 2012


April 30 2012


April 11 2012

The Lawrence Welk of Cartoonists: Ernie, Nancy, and the Bushmiller Society | The Comics Journal

“Why Bushmiller?” Wheeler asks, his voice cracking plaintively. “What kind of people are attracted to a Nancy cult? And who is behind the organized weirdness?”
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January 18 2012


January 05 2012


November 29 2011


November 24 2011


August 06 2011

Nancy soon became a celebrated strip among the RAW crowd. And whenever anyone would say it was stupid or they didn’t get it, we would just close our eyes and smile. Nancy was so corny it was beyond corny. It somehow shifted into the kind of meta-world that only Zen masters navigate.
Comics Journal – Interview - kaz's Underworld
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April 19 2011


April 08 2011


December 03 2010

i'm the birthday boy or girl
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July 06 2010

August 21 2009

The Daily Mirror | Los Angeles Times

lots of vintage material from the los angeles times archives
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A Kinder, Simpler Time Dept.: Your Comics | The Daily Mirror | Los Angeles Times

Aug. 20, 1968: In addition to not getting credit as an environmentalist, Ernie Bushmiller is usually ignored for his pioneering role in the Internet. But here we have conclusive proof that he anticipated the e-mail spam folder.
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August 04 2009

Fantagraphics Books - Fantagraphics to Publish Ernie Bushmiller's Nancy

To say that Nancy is a simple gag strip about a simple-minded snot-nosed kid is to miss the point completely. Nancy only appears to be simple at a casual glance. Like architect Mies Van Der Rohe, the simplicity is a carefully designed function of a complex amalgam of formal rules laid out by the designer. To look at Bushmiller as an architect is entirely appropriate, for Nancy is, in a sense, a blue print for a comic strip. Walls, floors, rocks, trees, ice-cream cones, motion lines, midgets and principals are carefully positioned with no need for further embellishment. And they are laid out with one purpose in mind - to get the gag across. Minimalist? Formalist? Structuralist? Cartoonist!

July 15 2009

Joe Brainard's Weird Nancy Obsession Makes Me Feel Normal - Books - The Stranger, Seattle's Only Newspaper

At the core of every story: the lonely, homely little freak-girl Nancy, who looks like the mutant spawn of Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman, and who slogs through her ugly life like Charlie Brown without the crushing self-pity.
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