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June 30 2017

June 26 2017

Bart thinks about his dad

May 15 2017

the art of

April 27 2017

Familia Simpson

April 21 2017

Shirley Kellogg (LOC)

April 13 2017

the wonder of technology

April 10 2017

March 14 2017

Dive In

March 12 2017

Top Hat

February 25 2017

Arby's Neon - San Bruno

February 10 2017

Dodo's Island

February 04 2017

Chandler Liquors

February 02 2017


January 16 2017

Stopped in Time Abandoned House

December 26 2016

My son's cat Reese Calico turns into a fluffball every winter. She's more like a puppy and loves being with people. Give her Temptations Treats and she'll lick you and purrrrr to say thanks. I swear there's intelligence in those eyes! Dec 2016
While waiting for our Los Angeles cousins to arrive at JFK airport, my sister calms down a crying little boy who was afraid to fly by distracting him with a small toy mouse. It looks like it worked. Queens, New York. July 1972

November 12 2016

Laugh-Out-Loud Cats #2842
Fall Colors in LA. ©Thomas Roberts

November 07 2016

Modem Magic

October 15 2016

Big Imagination View
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