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September 23 2016

Chicken Boy

July 04 2016

Oh no.... It's your brother! Shhhh! Be quiet! (Sneaking in on a private conversation of my sister and some of her friends out in our back yard. They sure don't appear particularly welcoming). Milford, Connecticut. August 1968

June 17 2016

Welcome to your new office! Sis, mom and I visiting my dad's new space on the 58th floor of the World Trade Center North Tower during the employee opening day celebration. March 1973

May 25 2016

Nightfall on the I-5

May 01 2016

April 25 2016


April 13 2016


March 19 2016

that's just grate

March 17 2016

Here are some notes from an early Marvel Battlegrounds meeting. Please note: none of these notes have anything to do with Marvel Battlegrounds.

March 06 2016

Let's Eat Out! 1965

March 05 2016

March snow in Virginia

February 25 2016

Jabba Atsume

February 02 2016

up for voting in this week's shirt.woot derby

January 15 2016

Alexander Graham Bell and his pal Watson

January 10 2016

Alan Goodman & Fred Seibert Circa 1987
Old family photos without the family.... dad's 1965 Pontiac Bonneville parked at the end of the driveway on a bright, sunny morning as seen from my room's window. Milford, Connecticut. June 1971

December 21 2015

December 10 2015

Princess Slay Ya. #DrawWars2015

November 30 2015

Frozen World

November 18 2015

Galaxy Science Fiction, December 1956
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