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July 08 2018

Unique Thrift on Gallows Road

June 23 2018

Laugh-Out-Loud Cats #2998

June 18 2018

Sennett girls in serpentine confetti (LOC)

May 27 2018

Betty Boop

April 24 2018

The future site of the real World Trade Center. Most of the small "radio row" stores were already demolished and only empty square blocks remained. The ornate Singer Building in the center distance. New York. March 1967

April 23 2018

Not an Ostrich (but what is it??) (LOC)

March 23 2018

A to Z Video, Cherokee Street, Saint Louis, Missouri (LOC)

March 21 2018

This photo is for all of you who are absolutely sick and tired of the snow we've had this winter! My dad took this Kodachrome slide of a friend digging out of his new 1967 Chevy Nova during the HUGE snowstorm of 1968. Milford Connecticut.

March 17 2018

DTLA: Early Night

March 16 2018

Photo of the Day: March 16, 2018

March 08 2018

I've got a friend whose aging parents still have their 1966 RCA Victor New Vista Color TV and it works! They've owned it since brand new for 52 years. These days, the TV is hooked up to cable. Milford Connecticut. Sept 2017

March 04 2018

March 02 2018

Police Hall of Fame entrance sign, Route 41, North Port, Florida (LOC)
Indian Trading Post, Route 66, Elk City, Oklahoma (LOC)

December 24 2017

More New York fun in the good old days! Before the South Street Seaport and gentrification, the Lower East Side was a total dumping ground filled with abandoned 19th Century brick buildings which once housed stores and tenants. New York 1970

December 19 2017

The very core of the World Trade Center visible in this slide taken from the Empire State Building. The classic MetLife building at left. A little smoggy, but not too bad for the times. New York. May 1972

November 09 2017

oh look, another shirt which you may vote for if you are so inclined...

November 04 2017

time to vote

October 21 2017

Laugh-Out-Loud Cats #2932

October 18 2017

My childhood girlfriend petting her dog "Buddy" while chatting with another girl. I took this slide at her 8th birthday party. Looking to the corner of Rock Street and Merwin Ave. The Surf Club across the street and old cars parked. Milford, CT. Aug 1967
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