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April 26 2019

Cernan and Snoopy at Press Conference

April 20 2019


April 17 2019

Phallic Symbols In The Age of Trump

April 05 2019

In n Out

March 08 2019

The Brass Menagerie, 7th Street, Georgetown, Colorado (LOC)

March 04 2019

President Donald J. Trump Delivers Remarks at CPAC

February 26 2019

The Broad Museum

February 17 2019

Anybody can wear the mask

February 12 2019

So... occasionally people ask me "what was there before the World Trade Center"? This was. The remaining ruins of the old Radio Row and the 19th century Washington Market. The West Side Highway was still in use. New York. 1966
Connecticut may be one of the smallest states, but the pizza here is MASSIVE! A week's worth of pie for just 12 dollars. Now that's a deal! Having dinner with two friends somewhere deep in the Constitution State. Feb 2019.

February 03 2019

Not a frame from a scratchy World War Two 16mm newsreel... the iconic Marcal neon sign finally succumbs to its inevitable fate after hours of flame in one of the largest industrial fires in recent history. Elmwood Park, NJ. Jan 30 2019

January 31 2019


January 18 2019

Winter Weather at the White House

January 15 2019

President Trump Welcomes the Clemson Tigers
President Trump Welcomes the Clemson Tigers
President Trump Welcomes the Clemson Tigers

January 12 2019


January 07 2019


January 04 2019

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